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Author: John

10 Books That’ll Hit Your Hard and Make You Cry Like a Baby

So, what books have made you feel emotional? What books have you read that changed your perception on life? Have you encountered a book that reduced you to tears? If the right book hits the right spot of your unpredictable emotional spectrum, you’ll realize that the world is crazy and foreign. You’ll also start noticing that humor was more than just a means to get people to laugh – it could be just a layer in the beginning to camouflage the morbid insanity of certain part. Certain book can and will alter your existing views and the current romanticized...

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12 Most Interesting Terms You Ought to Know From The Bookworm World – Part #2

When it comes to the world of books, there are hundreds of unusual and interesting words that some of us might not know. Not even a native speaker knows all the words of his own language, let alone a hardcore bookworm. This time around we’re covering a more less technical set of terms, but nonetheless pretty interesting to know when were they appeared first and what’s their alternate meanings. You’ll be surprised that most of the common words used have been adopted to the long list of words in main lexicons today, originally appeared in books. Some even were...

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